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1 year ago
On 23 Feb '13

You can find a video tutorial of the pattern I used for this project here! The pattern is changed slightly in that I just kept the granny square going instead of finishing it off in smaller, individual squares. The border is a scallop done in double crochet to match the rest of the blanket, and the pattern can be found here

This was actually the very first blanket project I started way back when I was picking up crochet for the very first time, and it started out like this before I scrapped it: 

I realized eventually that I couldn’t get more than two granny squares to be the same size, so most of the yarn used for the new blanket is actually recycled from the first attempt. Yay recycling! 

This is my dear friend’s Christmas present that is EXTREMELY late, but she’s a doll and incredibly patient with me. The total amount of work that went into this blanket is about 100 hours (only because I had to unravel all of the squares from before and knot them together), officially finished on February 21, 2013. All the yarn used is acrylic! 

Materials Used: 

  • 6.00 mm crochet hook (size J) for the body of the blanket
  • 5.00 mm crochet hook (size H) for the scalloped border
  • 4 Skeins of Red Heart Soft in Teal 
  • 5 Skeins of Red Heart Soft in Off White 
  • 2 Skeins of Red Heart Soft in Seafoam

The finished project is about 54” x 54” in length. Please excuse my poor photography skills! I tried to make it artsy at first, but, yeah, that didn’t work out too well (and excuse the pile of clothes… I didn’t even notice it there). 

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